Completed by American Boiler Services' Supervisors

TECO Energy – Big Bend Power Station, Tampa, FL,
Duke Energy, Roxboro Steam Plant, Roxboro, NC
Duke Energy, Sutton Plant, Wilmington, NC.

Average Crew Size: 85 men per project

Projects included the demolition and replacement of the entire lower slope furnace, the replacement of super heater elements and headers, air pre-heater replacement, including all elements and seals, major waterwall replacement, and extensive penthouse repairs.

  • AEP, Flint Creek Power Plant,
  • AEP, Pirkey Power Plant, Hallsville, TX
  • Bechtel-Trimble County Power Plant, Bedford, KY

Average Crew Size: 125 men per project.

  • PacifiCorp, Jim Bridger Power Plant, Rock Springs, WY
  • PacifiCorp, Huntington Power Plant, Huntington, UT
  • PacifiCorp, Hunter Power Plant, Castledale, UT

Average Crew Size: 225-375 men per project.

These projects involved a mix of Lo Nox burner upgrades, fan replacement, waterwall replacement, nose arch replacement, superheater & reheater header replacement, superheater and reheater pendant replacement, economizer replacement, coutant replacement, floor tube replacement, crown seal replacements, ducting replacement, air-preheater basket and seal replacement.

All projects aggregated 60,000 welds with less than a 1% reject rate.